Virtual Reality Video content on YouTube and how to view it

YouTube has been supporting 360˚ videos since March 2015 but still very few people are aware of this amazing new feature. You can now view full 360˚ x 180˚ footage through Chrome or Firefox on your computer, but for the full on immersive effect we recommend that you use a smart phone with a high def screen, a set of Google Cardboard VR glasses (hit the VR icon to enable split screen stereoscopic) and a beefy set of headphones. For those not into the VR thing you can even watch the 360˚ footage using a tablet as if it were a view finder into another world. The possibilities for this form of videography are limitless and options for viewing it are only going to get better as the VR industry grows.
Google’s streaming video service now serves up videos that let you look in any direction—not just where the camera is pointing. Needless to say, this could be a Big. Freaking. Deal.Sean Hollister, GizModo
The benefit of using this technology to record your wedding day is that you’ll be able to revisit the moments you undoubtedly will have missed from virtually any angle. You’ll be able to place the camera in any position you want – for example in a vacant seat so that anyone unable to attend the event can watch it later, or (depending on available network and coverage) broadcast the 360˚ video via a live feed to anywhere in the world!

Click here for YouTube’s 360˚ Channel

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